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#1 Internet Cafe Sweepstakes Software
Your Source for Internet Cafe Sweepstakes Software

Internet Cafes using Sweepstakes Software Games are a new phenomenon. Be a part of the explosive growth by working with the best authorised gold fusion distributor!

Traditional Internet Cafes resemble the casino experience for the customer, but operate in such a way where there is no violation. Our software is customizable to fit within your local law restrictions. At the same time, you will enjoy the tremendous profits of this industry!

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Are you:
  1. In need of only Sweepstakes Software?
    If you only need the software we can do the download for free, train your team, and get you in business in a couple hours!
  2. Not making the money with your existing Vendor / Software company?
    Are you currently in the industry and things aren't working as you imagined? Call us and we can walk though what your pain points are and see if we can help your situation
  3. Do you have Compliance issues?
    Compliance Issues are easily resolved with our Patented Full DIsclosure feature.
  4. Looking for equipment?
    We have tons of equipment available including Point of Sale Kits, Kiosks, CJB, monitors...
  5. Is your current Vendor / Software company not available to help?
    We have a dedicated team to help you and your business. The hours of our tech support are 9 am EST - 3 am EST, 7 days a week.
  6. Are you looking for help and unsure how to get into one of the most lucrative industries of our lifetime?
    Call us and we can walk you though how this industry works, and how to get started!
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  1. Select Your Location
    Select Your Location
    Selecting a location is probably one of the most key things you can do. If you are in a place where people will come you will be set up for success!
  2. Set up your store
    Set up your store
    Setting up the store properly makes management, operations, and sales all improve!
  3. Promote your store
    Promote your store
    Promoting your store with the right software, and right promotions WILL make or break you!
  4. Move on to your next location!
    Move on to your next location!
    After you have maxed your profit at this location, you move onto the next with an authorised gold fusion distributor!